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About Our Company

Ginn Construction is a family owned company with over 20 years
experience in home building. We take a personal approach to
home building with customer satisfaction as our main focus. We
take joy in turning a piece of property and a large amount of
materials, products , services and labor into a beautiful,
structurally sound, efficient, functional and comfortable home
that will bring joy, security, and satisfaction to you and your
family for many years to come.

We enjoy getting up early and working hard to produce the best
product possible. We admit to laying awake at night thinking of
new details to make our homes just a little better than the other
homes in the neighborhood. We treat our customers like they’re
our boss, because basically they are. We treat our suppliers and
trade contractors with the respect and courtesy they deserve
and pay them on time to maintain a positive team work
relationship with them. We explore every option and possibility to
make our homes the best they can be. We take pride in going
the extra mile for our customers to make sure they know they’re
getting the best value possible. Each of our homes are unique
and special, just like our customers.

Contact us anytime to explore your options and possibilities of
making your dream home a reality. We would love to work with
you and be a part of your home building adventure. Experience
the difference with Ginn Construction Company!

Service & Value ... That’s what we sell

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